For our first edition we will set up an impressive historical camp where some aspects of traditional Celtic villages will come to life thanks to numerous re-enactors, wooden structures, kitchens and curtains, which will represent some of the moments of ordinary life such as cooking or making mead, hippocras and other Celtic beverages. We will also have archers and swordsmen who will teach lessons on weapon maintenance and battle preparation with an historical re-enactment that will bring us all back in time to a truly magical atmosphere. It’s an ancient spirit the one that drives this group of people who puts their passion at everybody’s disposal.
Anyone can partake in camping life, provided they have a costume in order to contribute to the performance.



“In your shoes”: the audience will be asked to interact with the re-enactors; they can wear armours, clothes and jewellery, or try weapons, just to see how it feels. Souvenir photos can be taken.

“Marriages”: couples who wish to do so will be able to get married according to the Celtic rites officiated by the Druids of the Celtic Village. More details on this ritual in the “Celtic Wedding” section of the website.
“Bard Competition”: Just like in the past, visitors can challenge Bards in an improv competition to test their ability to compose on the spot.

“The Art of War”: you will have the opportunity to watch the various stages preceding the battle, such as the training and the dressing of the warrior, and finally the clash between two opposite sides or the duel between individual warriors…

… and so much more!

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